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Book Review: Elect (Eagle Elite #2) by Rachel Van Dyken (advanced copy review)

Elect (Eagle Elite, #2)Elect by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nixon Abandonato has sacrificed a good deal to honor his family. He has made a lot of enemies throughout the years and everyone he cares about is a liability. Tracey (Trace) is the girl he grew up loving and continues to love now, but being with him is dangerous. If the wrong people find out how he feels, they will use her to hurt him. He loves her more than anything, so he will do whatever he has to do to keep her safe, even if that means saying goodbye.

Nixon asks Chase ito be Trace’s bodyguard. Chase and Nixon are bestfriends and cousins. They grew up together and have been inseparable since they were kids, and they would do anything for each other. So of course Chase will protect Trace, the girl Nix loves, but there is one huge problem...Chase is falling in love with her too. Then Tracey’s life is threatened, and the only way to protect her is to pretend that she is Chase’s girlfriend. Chase was already hanging by a thread, and now he’s not sure how he’s going to stop himself from completely falling.

Elect is the sequel to Elite and I have to tell you it was fantastic. I wasn't expecting the change of POV. This book alternates between Nixon and Chase. You get a chance to know Nixon so much better. He had a rough childhood, but he was born to be a leader. Even at such a young age his presence demands respect and he has earned it. He has always been selfless and did what was best for his family. You really get to see how far he will go to protect the people he loves. Honestly, I fell even more in love with Nixon reading his chapters.

I am drawn to Chase. I'm not sure if that is because you know he is doomed to failure as the best friend/side kick. He is a laid back kind of guy and much less serious than Nixon. He is not as serious as Nixon but doesn't have to be as he is not the leader of their family. He is witty, funny and lightens the mood even in dire circumstances. It is a nice contrast to the scenes where he is required to be tough and deadly. He has a great sense of loyalty to his family and especially Nixon and I enjoyed seeing his angst at thoughts of betraying Nixon with Trace. Unfortunately, Chase really cares about Trace and in some ways he is actually a much better match for her. I really loved Chase, and honestly I can’t wait to see what happens for him in the next book.

This book had an overall darker, more violent vibe but I think that should be expected with the dualing male POVs. I did miss hearing from Trace and I think it would have been nice to have her POV thrown in their at times. The concept for this story is enjoyable because you are rooting for the "bad" guys since they are all part of the mafia. Rachel really knows how to surprise you with the endings. I have no idea where the next book is going to go and I look forward to reading it soon! According to her, the 3rd book is her favorite! I'm ready because it sounds like it will not disappoint!

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