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Book Review: HM Ward's Stripped (Jonathan Ferro's story)

Stripped (Stripped, #1)Stripped by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well it is hard to say who my favorite Ferro brother is but I have to say that I am more than intrigued with Jonathan. Johnathan, in Damaged 2, seemed like the stereotypical youngest child. He is a flirt, playboy and seems like he has no cares in the word. In Stripped, we see that he is much more complicated. He has been screwed over by numerous women in his life: his mom, his father's mistress and the girl he loves. He is anything but a happy go with the flow rich kid.

The story in Stripped begins as the Ferro boys are getting ready for Peter's Bachelor Party. Jon has hired a slew of strippers and doesn't seem to understand that Peter wants nothing to do with this type of bachelor party. As the party is beginning and Jon is trying to get rid of the strippers, he suddenly realizes that one of the girls is from his past…a very painful past. Cassie, one of the strippers at the party, is as stunned as Jon to see him again.

The story goes back and forth between the past and present day. It show us how Jon met Cassie (one of the strippers) and explains their complicated relationship. Cassie has been sent to visit her cousin in Mississippi. While there she meets Jon Ferro and everyone knows who he and his family is because they are constantly int he news. His playboy lifestyle has landed him in trouble with his mother again and she always sends him down to stay with his uncle. Cassie meets Jonathan and there is instant chemistry between them. It slips out that Cassie is a virgin and Jon is floored. He is of course intrigued but over the summer, he realizes that he actually likes Cassie in a much deeper way. Jon shares his true self with Cassie and even shares some of his deepest secrets.

Unfortunately, the best intentions leave the two at odds. A huge misunderstanding tears the two apart. We then flash forward (3 years) back to the present day. After the party, Jon can't stand the idea of Cassie working at strip club or understand how she has ended up with this life. He still feels betrayed by her from so many years before but he obviously still cares for her deeply. He makes a move in an effort to save her but it could destroy him in the process. There is a bit of a cliffhanger and it made me eager for Stripped 2.

I also loved seeing more of Sean, Peter, Bryan and Trystan. The last scene with Avery and Sidney is a killer too! I love the interconnecting stories! Stripped is a must read if you love the Ferro brothers! Thank goodness HM Ward puts these books out so quickly. It is hard to wait!

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