Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another great way to document our journey as a begins!

So I finally decided to write a blog....the main own sanity!  I love reading other blogs especially all the DIY, photography, design, cooking, writing and parenting.  I surf pinterest all the time, trying out ideas from there or from my favorite blogs.  So, I finally decided I would love a space to tell my story and my family's story from deep down in our trenches!   My posts will probably be all over the place as far as topics but I think you might enjoy a true tell of a girl...trying to do it all or at least a little of everything.  Sometimes, I fail miserably and the rest of the time I am mentally doing a happy dance when one of my crazy idea comes to fruition.  I can say with all honestly that being a working mom, wife, and mother have tried my patience and pushed me farther as a person than I ever imagined.  So I hope you tag along and check back ever so often!

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