Sunday, January 12, 2014

Book Review: Rome by Jay Crownover

Rome (Marked Men, #3)Rome by Jay Crownover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Marked Men are hands down one of my favorite series! I was worried that I wouldn't love Rome as much as I had his younger brother Rule but I was definitely mistaken. I would strongly suggest that you read both Rule and Jet, the first two books in the series first because Jay Crownover does a good job of really building relationships between all of the characters from the three books.

Rome, a soldier that has seen some of the worst things you can see on the battlefield, is trying to find his place back in Denver in civilian life. His role as son, brother, and friend have all changed while he has been away and he can't seem to get his footing. He is drinking too much, feeling sorry for himself and pissing off his friends and family.

Toss in Cora, the pixie who happens to handle all the piercings, runs the business side of the tattoo shop where his brother and friends work, and is on the hunt for Mr. Perfect. Cora 's last relationship crushed her to the core and she refuses to settle for anything but Mr. Perfect. In comes Rome, one of her best friend's brother, who seems to be Mr. Right Here and not Mr. Perfect. Cora has a knack for telling people the truth and she isn't loving Rome's brooding vibe especially since he seems to be upsetting all of her friends.

From the beginning she tells him just what she thinks of him…."We don't need all that negative, Captain No-Fun. Why don't you go spread your doom and gloom somewhere else." And she dumps a beer on his head. Is it a recipe for disaster or for what could be a great relationship? Cora and Rome might just be a perfect pair. I couldn't finish this book fast enough. Can't wait for the next Marked Men book….Nash.

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