Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Came Early....a book to review before release date!

Out of Turn (Kathleen Turner, #4)Out of Turn by Tiffany Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the minute I cracked open this book, I was hooked and it was the same kind of hooked I had through the first three books of the series. It is hard to hold my attention when a series gets over 2-3 books. Tiffany Snow captivated me from page one. You could literally feel Katherine's heartache and pain in the early chapters. We have all been there at one point in our lives and we can fully understand why she walls herself away from not only Blaine but everyone in her life. Her friends and family are concerned. She is drinking too much and eating too little. She is just surviving each and every day.

Right from go, someone is after Kathleen again and lucky for her Kade is there to help her out. She is glad to see him but she is hurt that Kade disappeared and is wondering why. We all know he had his reasons. This book really dives into Kade and Kathleen's relationship. Kade's feelings for Kathleen are his saving grace. He needs her and I couldn't wait for him to have his shot at her in this book. The trip to Vegas is one of the hottest sequences in this series. The push and pull between these two is fast paced and heart stopping. I couldn't get enough.

I am so glad that Ms. Snow made sure that Kathleen didn't run right back to Blaine. Strong females that do not nose dive at the first sight of their lost loves are few and far between in books sometimes. Even though Blaine now knows the error of his ways, she doesn't quickly forgive him. The tension between the two is thick and heart breaking all the way to the end.

Some of my favorite scenes are when the two brothers are with Kathleen. The quick wit and verocious banter between the two is fun to read. I can't imagine having brothers fight over me but if they did, I would want it to be much as Kane and Blaine do throughout this book. The closet scene in Kandi's house is one of the hottest scenes I have read this year...Every woman's fantasy for sure!

Tiffany Snow, kudos to you for knocking this book out of the park. After Book Three, I couldn't see where you were going to go in this one but now that I have read it....Christmas came early! I can't wait for Book Five and Kane's Book as well. I am will be heartbroken when it ends. You have officially shifted me to Team Kade!

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